Lee Brand Jr., Ph.D. is first and foremost a Baptist preacher. Dr. Brand has a passion for extolling the truth of Scripture in both the verbal and written forms and has published many written works and articles. He frequently travels to preach at church services and special events. Currently, Dr. Brand serves as vice president and dean of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) and as first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).


Dr. Brand grew up in a small, rural Mississippi town and received his call to preach before graduating high school. After graduating from Mississippi State University, Brand continued his education at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary earning both a Master of Divinity degree and a Doctor Philosophy degree.


Dr. Brand’s ministry experience includes 17 years as a senior pastor, where, under his shepherding, the church grew in average attendance from 80 individuals to more than 400. Dr. Brand has also served in campus outreach at Mississippi State University and in mission partnerships in the Philippines and Uganda. 


In 2019, Dr. Brand joined the faculty and leadership at Mid-America as the vice president and dean of the seminary.  His teaching experience also includes an adjunct professorship at East Mississippi Community College and an assistant instructorship at the Starkville Extension of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


In addition to the SBC leadership role to which messengers elected him in 2021, Dr. Brand has previously served in other Convention positions with the Northeast Mississippi Baptist Congress and the Whitefield District Association.  He has further served his community as a member of the Starkville School District Board of Trustees and as a chaplain for the Starkville Police Department. 


Dr. Brand and his wife, Tiffany, of 18 years have five children and reside in the state of Mississippi.

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The Bible is the supreme and, I would argue, the sole rule of faith and practice. It contains all that we, or any other person, will ever need to identify and remedy human sinfulness. 

Dr. Lee Brand

Vice President and Dean

Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary